How Hoshino Therapy began

Tomezo HoshinoTomezo Hoshino was born In Atsugui, Japan in 1910 to a long line of acupuncture therapists. When he was 16 years old he had a near fatal head on collision while riding his motorcycle to work. The accident gave him a severe head concussion which left him blinded for 2 years. During this time he enrolled in the Hama Massage School for the blind and learned how to read braille. It was during this time that he developed an acute sense of touch in his hands that would later become the foundation of the Hoshino therapy technique. His sight eventually returned but he was left with excruciating migraine headaches. He sought treatment through all kinds of doctors, drugs, and therapies but only received temporary relief at best. Finally he met an acupuncturist in Japan who taught him how to massage certain acupressure points on his head and neck. Consequently, he cured himself of the headaches. The acupuncturist remarked on how gifted hands Tomezo had, and encouraged him to continue studying acupressure medicine. Hoshino enrolled into the Tokyo School of Acupuncture and graduated in 1939.
One day Tomezo Hoshino developed Bursitis in his shoulder and tendinitis in his forearm. He was frustrated with the inconsistent results and superstitious theories of traditional oriental medicine. He wanted to know why sometimes it worked and other times it was ineffective. He was determined to develop a new technique that was result oriented, predictable, and accountable. He went up to the mountains and vowed not to come down until he figured out the “Science of acupressure”. For 2 months he worked on himself and finally he figured out the cure for his bursitis and tendinitis. Through the keen sense of touch he had developed reading braille and practicing acupressure massage while blind he was able to combine the wisdom of acupuncture meridian theory with the accuracy of western Anatomy and Kinesiology. He discovered that the secret to the healing power of acupressure was the precise stimulation of the right combination of certain pressure points at the appropriate dosage, depth, and duration. He called it “digital precision.” With this revelation at hand he came down from the mountain and Hoshino Therapy was born. “Nothing Surpasses the Hands,” Hoshino would go on to say for the rest of his life. He was convinced that there was no better tool than a sensitive, well trained, and clinically experienced hand to evaluate and pinpoint the location and origin of soft tissue, joint, nerve inflammation, and dysfunction. Subsequently, all of Hoshino’s students were made to practice with blindfolds on so as to develop the sensitivity of touch. “Let your hands be your eyes”, he would say. It takes at least 10 years of daily clinical practice on every kind of cases and clients of all ages and stages of disease to master Hoshino’s technique and to gain the experience needed to achieve his standard of excellence and efficacy.
Hoshino immigrated to Buenos Ires, Argentina where he became extraordinarily successful, gaining notoriety for the effectiveness of his technique. He treated many famous celebrities of his generation like “Evita” Peron, First lady of Argentina, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, actors such as Gary Cooper, Tyrone Powers, Marliene Dietrich, Arthur Rubinstein,”Polish-American piano virtuoso”, who’s career was almost finished due to arthritis in his hands. Professor Hoshino worked on him for 2 months, teaching him how to stretch his fingers and hands. Arthur went on to play piano for the rest of his days.
Professor Hoshino established an institute for Hoshino Therapy which was officially recognized by the Argentina Association of Kinesiology as an approved therapeutic technique in 1986. Since 1969 Hoshino opened the Institute for treatment of arthritis and allied disorders in Deerfield Beach, Florida where he started training students in Hoshino Therapy and documented hundreds of successfully treated cases of arthrosis and osteoarthritis under the observation of Doctors Hospital in Plantation, Florida. In 1973 the Hoshino Therapy Clinic of Miami, Fl.{ } was established with two of his star pupils Bodhi F. Kocica and Richard Zukowski with the endorsement of Dr.Charles Kalstone and Dr.James Stuzin. The clinic has functioned as a family business for over 35 years and is still run by Director Bodhi Kocica, LMT, his wife Dashi Chu kocica, Acupunture Physician, and their son Patrick Kocica, LMT, Ass.Director. Bodhi Kocica trained under ProfessorHoshino for over 20 years, his son Patrick has been studying and practicing Hoshino therapy practically since he could walk. Tomezo Hoshino passed away in 2000 at the age of 91 but his legacy continues through the third generation of Hoshino therapists trained by Mr.Bodhi and Patrick Kocica like Janet Harazda, Jennifer Roche, and Susanna Vasquez.

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How Hoshino Therapy works

Just like a fingerprint no two bodies are exactly alike and therefore each client’s case must be individually evaluated according to age, weight, gender, genetics, past injuries and medical history and lifestyles. First, you receive a 45 minute 250 pressure point test in which we will scan your body from head to toe, checking all major muscle groups, tendon-ligaments, joint range of motion, and spinal-nervous system passageways for any areas of inflammation, arthritis, tendinitis, or other kinds of disease or dysfunction. This will give us a 3D anatomical map of the areas of the body which have become limited by wear and tear, stiffness, misalignment or other kinds of postural imbalances and repetitive stress syndromes. Then we can begin to accurately assess the true cause and origin of pain and begin to design a customized treatment plan for your particular needs including specific exercises, stretching and strengthening, and healthy
lifestyle changes. When the body is in good postural alignment and symmetry we are free from bio-mechanical friction and stress on the muscular-skeletal system. Blood circulation is unobstructed, moving nutrients through the tissues as well as expelling wastes. We feel good physically and mentally, are free of pain, and heal quickly from fatigue and injury. Over time we may loose this original anatomical and physiological state of health and equilibrium due to injury, daily wear on the body, and the effects of aging. In some people these problems are genetic meaning than the person is born with an inherited trait like “scoliosis” which has predisposed them to disease prematurely. For most of us, though, muscles, tendons, and joints eventually become hard and full of adhesions, which limit our endurance, flexibility and strength leading to osteoarthritis, arthrosis, bulging or herniated discs, muscle and tendon tears, nerve impingement and finally pain. The goal of Hoshino Therapy is to restore vitality and mobility to muscles, tendons, and joints, and to align the curvature of the spine to its original and most efficient posture, bringing back optimum function, balance, and bio-mechanical symmetry to the body. Hoshino Therapy is not like other traditional or conventional treatments. We do not claim to cure disease. Hoshino therapy is a “common sense Scientific Method” of the form and function of Bio-mechanical health. When the body is active and healthy we regenerate and recover from disease and injury quickly and completely. When we are in a weakened state, however, diseases and injuries become chronic creating more serious conditions and leading to other problems, which eventually overwhelm the body’s natural healing potential. With Hoshino Therapy we will help you find a real solution to your pains and enable your body to heal itself naturally.

Our services

You can use our services just at our address, where we are available from Monday to Friday by prior appointment. It is possible to purchase a gift voucher as a perfect gift for your loved ones.

The goal of Hoshnio therapy is to restore vitality and flexibility of muscles, tendors and joints and to adjust curvature of the spine to its original and worthiest position and thereby restore the body to its optimal functionality, balance, and biomechanical symmetry. Through Hoshino therapy we can help you find a real solution to get rid of the pain and allow your body to heal itself naturally.

Patrick F. Kočica is a master of acupressure and only certified therapist of Hoshino therapy in Europe. With over twelve years experience on Hishino clinic in Miami, he gained experience with professional athletes, sports injuries and clients of all ages in the treatment of acute and chronic pain.

We specialize in treatment

  • acute and chronic sport injuries
  • prolapsed discs and pain in the lower bac
  • sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  • shoulder rotator cuffs (rotátorové manžety ramene)
  • temporomandibular joint, migraines
  • carpal tunnel syndrome, hand and wrist pain
  • repetitive stress injuries, tennis elbow
  • meniscus, ACL, knee
  • inflammation of the plantar fascia, flat feet
  • osteoarthritis
  • postoperative and posttraumatic rehabilitation


Hoshino therapy will improve your sporting performance!


Alonzo Harding Mourning (vítěz NBA a držitel mnoha individuálních ocenění)

Hoshino Therapy has been very helpful in my physical recovery during my battle with glomerulosclerosis. It has had a positive impact on my body, as well as my mind, and has improved my flexibility and circulation! I recommend that everyone who is physically active to use Hoshino Therapy to create balance in their lives.


Frída Gedeonová

This way I would like to thank Patrick Kočica and Hoshino therapy which Patrick masterfully controlles. A long time I had trouble with the spine, which arose one day when I picked up the grandchildren to the chair and I have not been careful while lifting. Already after first session Hoshino therapy has helped me and troubles ceased. I felt great, not only physically, but I moved with ease. When my husband saw the improvement he went to visit Patrick with his shoulder which has been troubling him for a while as well and he tried various massages. He helped him as well.


Jan Gerner

I am not 40 yet. I love golf. Maybe you know it, morning sun, dew on the green and bag on the back. You can go anywhere where the balls takes you. And those footprints behind you! Just great. Now the fairytale ends. I could not carry the bag anymore. My right knee hurt and back almost immediately followed. Golf two days in a row was almost more pain than pleasure. So I began to deal with it, the way was long and full of blind alleys. Until I discovered Patrick. On the first session it hurt a bit (Patrick sentence “I can just easily stroke you but it won’t help you” stuck in my head), but then it just kept getting better. Today I am enjoying golf as I like it again.


Pavel Nykl

I started visiting Patrick in late April 2010 after 14 months of unrelieved pain after dislocated shoulder. The main difficulty has gradually shifted from the shoulder to the elbow. My problem was more complicated because of elbow fracture I sustained when I was seven years old. I could not keep anything in my hand for a sharp pain in the joint. I went through dozens of rehabilitation procedures, but without an acceptable result. After a two-hour therapies Patrick estimated time to correct the problem for 6 months therapy, once a week. At the turn of November and December 2010 I can say that the problems are gone. Yet it remains only a certain, perhaps a subjective feeling of instability of the elbow. But the pain does not limit me again.


Irena Vítová

Almost all my life I suffered from migraines with visual aura. I was hit by a bus 15 years ago and the pains became even worse. With the migraines my life is extremely restrictive and it burdens people around me as well. Actually, my life is all about excuses and remorses. I have tried many different therapies and methods of treatment. Yes, some of them helped. Unfortunately, only for a very short time. In February 2011 I started to visit regularly Patrick and his Hoshino therapy. I am excited! More and more days I feel great and relaxed. The intensity and frequence of pain was reduced greatly. On the other hand I know that I have to keep on and that it will need more time and patience. Finally I believe that the life will be again blossoming and savoury! Thank you, Patrick!


Jan Kroger

I want to thank you for the excellent care that I received at Hoshino Clinic when I had what is commonly called a frozen shoulder. Painful condition, which significantly limits the movement of the arm above the head, back and elbow from side to side. After several months of physical therapy at the orthopedic surgeon’s office there was just a little improvement. My doctor suggested surgery, but a friend suggested I had to try Hoshino Clinic before so drastic solution. From the first session, I felt a change. With your dedication, practicing Hoshino massage, performing specific exercises and a bit of a proper work, it was remarkable road to recovery. I am eternally grateful and I appreciate your work.


Catherine Arbuckle

I am thrilled that I can tell you how much Patrick helped me. I was on surgery with thoracic outlet syndrome. They removed the first rib and internal oblique muscle. The surgery was a success and solved one of my problems. Nevertheless, I still had an inexplicable pain in the neck and right shoulder. I am so grateful that Patrick helps me so that I can quickly return to my normal activities. His technique alleviate the pain and allowed me to restrict the drugs that I took for three years. I’m sure that I’m getting better thanks to Patrick. I would warmly recommend him to others.