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Hoshinův jedinečný akupresurní systém obnovuje svaly, šlachy a klouby, zlepšuje celkovou pohyblivost, sílu a koordinaci těla.

Hoshino therapy

Patrick F. Kočica is a master of acupressure and only certified Hoshino therapist in Europe. During more then twelve years at Hoshino clinic in Miami he gained experience with professional athletes, sport injuries and with clients of all ages in treating acute and chronic pain.

Stiff muscles and sore joints create tension which weakens and wearies body and eventually causes injury, pain and disease. Unique acupressure system regenerates muscles, tendons and joints, improves overall flexibility, strength and body coordination. When your body has no injury or inflammation, it gives you more strength, faster reflexes, more energy and endurance, which enables you to achieve the best results. Do not exercise in pain, visit Patrick Kočica today!

We specialize in treatment

  • acute and chronic sport injuries

  • prolapsed discs and pain in the lower back

  • sacroiliac joint dysfunction

  • shoulder rotator cuffs

  • temporomandibular joint, migraines

  • carpal tunnel syndrome, hand and wrist pain

  • repetitive stress injuries, tennis elbow

  • meniscus, ACL, knee

  • inflammation of the plantar fascia, flat feet

  • osteoarthritis

  • postoperative and posttraumatic rehabilitation





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